Panama Canal Right Now!

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Well actually tomorrow March 14th but we wanted you to open the post. We are scheduled to begin the transit tomorrow beginning at 3:45 p.m. We will enter the Gatun locks around 5:00 p.m then will anchor in Gatun Lake overnight. On Wednesday we will begin again, entering the Pedro Miguel Locks first and then the Miraflores Locks.

There are live web cams on the official website – the multimedia tab. There is one webcam at the Gatun Locks for tomorrow and then there is another one at the Miraflores Locks where we should be around 2:00 p.m on Wednesday. We will try to send posts from the canal.

Here we are with our “official” hand lines and fenders. The lines are each 150 feet long and there will be four of us tending them throughout the transit with Randy at the helm. Crew introduction video to follow on youtube.

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  1. bj

    I’ll keep an eye on the live cams. Watched and texted with Cheeky Monkey when they did it. Enjoy your passage!

  2. Bette Snowden

    So exciting! And it’s very special that you are starting this part of your journey on LINDSAY’s birthday… You will always remember that and so will she. Will all be trying to track your progress. Love and hugs. Mom

  3. Don Niederpruem

    sorry we missed you guys at the Miami show . This next leg looks amazing ! Safe travels and look forward to meeting you both soon !
    Don Niederpruem

  4. Karen And Neil

    Wahooooo! We’re waiting for you on the Pacific coast! Watch the rope burns!

  5. Cornelius Berinyuy

    Hello L and R,
    You guys are the coolest, craziest and loveliest couple there is. And your 19 Episodes I’ve watched so far……….Amazing, words can’t even begin to describe! Fantastic Logo and background music too.
    I am a Deck Cadet, an aspiring Competent Seafarer. And hey………..who the hell said there’s no such thing as happily ever after, you’re living the life guys! You are my life model. I must admit; you’ve got my taste in every aspect, I wouldn’t settle for less. If wishes were horses, I’d lived your life a thousand times over! Good Luck if for the needy, and you’ve got it all guys, but am still gonna say it anyways; Happy more Sailing days and a very long happy marriage guys. No couple could be any happier and lovelier!

    • happytogether

      Hello and thanks. I replied to you on youtube for this comment:)

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