Happy Together Enters the Sea Of Cortez

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One big party

Lennie and I headed back to Cabo for Christmas and New Years. After the Ha-ha it had quieted down a bit in the marina but the holiday crowd was in full swing. We had three days to get the boat ready for the trip up to La Paz but it’s really hard to work when the bars and restaurants are cranking. We would wake up and run, eat breakfast, work a bit and then head off for some people watching and Whispering Angel-infused afternoons. The boating life is full of adventure but some of the best times are just sitting under a Palapa and watching the people go by and the sun go down.


Lennie and I aren’t retired. We travel to the boat each month for about a week and we move it from place to place. Sometimes we stay in one location for a few trips but we are type A and like to get to new places and check them out and move on. Cruisers always ask what our hurry is and we say don’t worry we’ll be back. We assume that since we are relatively young this isn’t a swan song. Although this video is about entering we are already out of the sea of Cortez but know we will spend a lot more time there in future years. We call ourselves cruisers but are we really vacationers? It’s a big difference. We appreciate each sunset, ocean passage and dolphins dancing in our wake with a different intensity than our full time cruising friends. Why?…..because it’s fleeting. We know that we will be back in our offices in no time doing 12-hour days and all the hustle of managing businesses and solving problems. We do this knowing that we will escape again very soon to have another trip and to pack as much in as possible. One day we will be semi-retired and spend months at a time on board. We will no doubt slow down and take a breath. In the meantime full speed ahead with sunblock and sunburns and umbrella drinks.

Enjoy the trip with all the fun of an awesome Mexico adventure!




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