A Dreamy Sail to Los Sueños

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1,250 NM

That is a lot of miles. In fact it’s 1,438 statute miles or 7.6 million linear feet. Anyway, for Happy Together the trip in July was a big one ending with the final run from Chiapas to Los Sueños Costa Rica. We would pass Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Honduras. I read about all these places as a teenager when Communist Guerilla groups were taking over dictatorships in many Central American countries. Apparently, the US fought a secret war down here that us back home didn’t really know about. A lot of that info is public now so the mystery is being revealed.  As we sailed past each country we took in the landscape. There is no question as to why some of these countries have a volcano on their flag. They are everywhere. Hundreds of them! They dot the landscape and some are so “volcano like” you would think that Disney built them for our viewing pleasure.

Seems like old times

As we moved south we were lucky enough to have wind most days so we could sail without engines, which was really nice. At night we motored when the breeze died and we were getting a bit low on fuel. You see, it’s OK to leave port without enough fuel to reach your destination on a sailboat because theoretically you will be able to sail! After we crossed into Nicaragua we thought we may stop at a port to top-off. Lennie reminded me that a fishing boat captain we met at customs in Chiapas said Nicaragua is no good right now. Hmmm. No good? What does that mean. So I fired up our satellite system and Googled “Is Nicaragua safe” WTF! 30 people killed in demonstrations in Managua, protesters fighting with paramilitary groups and president Daniel Ortega declares it illegal to politically demonstrate. Americans advised “Do not visit Nicaraugua”. Oh well, here’s hoping for wind.

Here is the link to Episode 56, We hope you enjoy our passage through Central America.

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  1. Andy Temesvary

    Randy & Lennie, we are so so happy for you guys! Enjoy the last few months on Happy Together (48) as you prepare to take deliver of new gorgeous 50!! Can’t wait to see your Panama Canal crossing again and the rest of the journey to home base in Florida. 🙂 I’ve said it before, but thanks for putting in all the time it takes to make these videos and share your adventure. It inspires us and I know it inspires many others to get out there and live life to the full. Safe travels and endless wind as you journey on! ~Andy (San Clemente, CA)

    • happytogether

      Hi Andy, Thanks so much for your comment! We just did the canal on Thursday and had some Warrior Sailors as crew…Many videos in the pipeline with lots of great adventures!!! Talk soon! Randy

  2. Ken Douthit

    Sorry you missed Nicaragua. All the problems are in large cities and not on the coast. We have a small coffee bean farm there and the trouble is over stated. The marinas are awesome and San Juan del sur is a great bay with several ocean side restaurants. Worth spending a few days. Cruse ships are going in, so you know there are no problems in that area. Hope to see you soon. We hope to be coming back your way next year. Anxious to see your 50′ layout.

    Rubber Ducky

    • happytogether

      HI Ken, It was really the timing not the unrest….you know I am adventurous! We will make it back there in the future. We are getting excited for the new boat but time to get HT back to Florida to sell! Randy

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