Cruising through Cape Town

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Stop and smell the dirt

Lennie and I have an addiction. It’s saltwater. We have been together for 22 years and if you look at my 4,000-picture photo album it looks like a Caribbean vacation catalogue. That’s right. Those of you who know us know that we spend every vacation on a boat. Every adventure is on a boat and everything we do at home is for the boat. We go to four boat shows a year. That plus continuing education for safety at sea pretty much takes up our time. But this trip to Africa gave us time to do some “off the boat” touring, and let me tell you something, it’s kind of nice. We hiked, toured the wine region, tried different restaurants twice a day and visited all the tourist must-see spots.  This land stuff is kind of nice. So nice that we are heading to Park City for a weekend… In summer!

Out of Africa

When we left Cape Town we had to stop one more time in Johannesburg to catch our flight back to Atlanta. Everything seemed familiar now. The people, the scenery and the vibe. We spent 17 days in South Africa and South Africa spent 17 days in us. We have been home for a few months now but the place is still resonating in our minds. I find myself thinking about the trip frequently and each part of it. The Bush, Safari, Cape Town and all the hinterlands. You know us and we move pretty fast from place to place and never rest so I would argue we covered more ground than most in that time period. Can’t wait to sail there one day

Please enjoy our last video from our trip to South Africa!!!!


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