Happily Tide Together

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Déjà vu all over again

When we don’t have a boat our life changes. I mean if you think about it, Lennie and I had three years on our Hunter 49 Happy Together in the Caribbean, and then almost four years with our Leopard 48 Happy Together. So, for the last seven months since we sold our 48 we have been “boatless”. It’s a terrible thing to be without the cure for your addiction and we were going through withdrawals.  When Mike and Mary called to ask us to help them sail their boat from the BVI to Saint Martin we were so excited. I mean it’s not just a boat trip, but a sailboat, and not just any sailboat but our previous boat! That’s right…Tide Together is the previous Happy Together and our favorite places are BVI and Saint Barts so this was a dream come true!

I like the nightlife

 One of the best parts of sailing is learning to conquer the nighttime. Sailing at night gives you new horizons because you aren’t limited to finding a port or anchorage before the sun goes down.  It’s magical out there at night and this was going to be Mike and Mary’s first time. We were so excited to show them this new world so they could begin cruising farther and wider than mooring ball to mooring ball in the BVI. I guess it worked since Mike and Mary are leaving next week to sail from Saint Martin to Trinidad to haul out for hurricane season. Another cruiser is born….

This short video shows our emotional reunion with our previous yacht Hunter 49 Happy Together.  I hope you enjoy it.

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