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Hi everyone,

It turns out that although we have many subscribers on our blog/website only 400 or so were getting our emails when we posted an update. You may be one of them.

We have identified the problem and are working with the developer to fix it and in the meantime you can check our website and hit the “Posts” tab and look back on anything you have missed. Plus it will make me feel great since I spend so much time on this stuff:)



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  1. Dave Klain

    Thanks for the update. Had subscribed and wondered why I didn’t get any updates (missed the COVID-19 Blues post). Good to know you’re getting it fixed.

    • happytogether

      Hi Dave, I know and thanks so much. More to follow. Check out the video we launched last night…..

  2. Pierre and Kriss

    Hi guys missing hearing from you as we anticipate our Leopard 50 P

    • happytogether

      Hi Pierre and Kriss, You will love it!!!! Nice to hear from you! Randy

  3. Bob & Gail Redenz

    Fantastic news! We’ll be watching. Thanks for keeping us in mind.

  4. Elaine and Vladimir Rodriguez

    Hi Lennie and Randy,
    We are so excited for you! We saw the video it was awesome as always! We are glad you are still posting videos, we love your videos and your adventures grew in our hearts. We missed you very much, sending you good vibes and blessings to you both. Be safe oxox
    Elaine and Vladimir

    • happytogether

      Hi Guys, so nice to hear from you. I was thinking about you guys when we launched the video!!!!! Stay safe! Randy

  5. Tara Townsley

    Hey Lennie and Randy! We met you at Annapolis a couple of years ago and you and the way you sail have inspired us in a way no one else has! I’m an IT person and my husband is starting his own business after being part of his family business for 15 or so years, and we are just trying to figure out how we make this life work. We love everything about the cruising lifestyle! We have lived aboard our 47’ monohull since our youngest daughters graduated high school and moved off to college last August. We are actually headed to Ft. Lauderdale on Thursday to check out a catamaran that we think will give us the opportunity to cruise and work and make the magic happen. Would love to meet up with the two of you if you are around to glean some learnings from you two on your years of making this sailing and working dance successful. If you would be willing to meet up, we would love to buy you some Whispering Angel! All our best wishes! I must say that I shed a tear or two on your signoff video. It was nice to see your update this week! Fair winds, Tara and Travis Townsley, S/V RumAway

    • happytogether

      Hello Tara and Travis, Wow you already moved aboard! So glad you enjoyed our show. Also thrilled that we inspired the part time cruising lifestyle. It sure works for us. I will send you an email…

  6. Janelle Wilton

    Hey Lennie and Randy! Amidst my own Covid blues I sought refuge in your 79 YouTube adventures… binge watching them all last week. Who needs Netflix, right? We have a farm, horses, and regular rural life. I’ve recently retired as a broker (25 years of hustle) and we own a family biz. Lots of things in common with y’all. For now, we enjoy cruising the San Juan islands of the Pacific Northwest in our trawler and logging miles in our motorhome. Once kids are out of high school… it’s plans for a great cat adventure. I’ve followed a lot of different channels on sailing, but I’m smitten with your style of sailing. Working AND enjoying as a 1/3 time schedule. I’ve got some research to do!!! On the lines of techno challenged adventurers… I can’t seem to locate the SV Happy Together Apple Music playlist on Apple Music (no matter how I search for it!). Good stuff in there! Got any tips on how to find that! Thanks for all your efforts in putting together content. It was a lovely “getaway” this week with Lennie and a Randy! AND…. in the motorhome for this next weeks trip is a bottle of Whispering Angel. :-))) Rose Monday!

    • happytogether

      Hi Janelle,
      Thanks so much for your comment! We are so happy you enjoyed our show and now you must “really” know us!!! Sounds like you have a full and wonderful life and it seems a perfect fit for you to embark on this type of adventure. You will be “all in” after you drink the Angel and picture sitting on the bow of your boat off a French island in the southern Caribbean……Keep in touch!!! Randy & Lennie

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