A Sail in the Mail!

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An Island in Greece SV Delos has been an inspiration for Lennie and I. We found their channel before we even placed the order for our Leopard 48. We knew we wanted to travel by boat and we were preparing … Continued

Whispering Angel Rose’

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Sundowners Boating is all about fun. A lot of the time the fun includes alcoholic beverages. I think sailing attracts a certain percentage of enthusiasts for this reason alone. At least we joke that it does. We always enjoy a … Continued

Flag Swag

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I apologize I completely missed it. I look at our videos and blog and everything Happy Together from the inside out. I don’t see what you see. Time and time again I get asked questions that I have never answered … Continued

Baja Ha-ha Leg 2

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Lights cameras action! Filming the Baja Ha-ha was different from most of our adventures. We usually just work for a few weeks and then take a trip and I roll the cameras as the days go on with no plan … Continued

Baja Ha-ha Rally Leg 1

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What….No way! Yep, Not kidding. The Baja Ha-ha was the most fun two weeks Lennie and I have ever had. It was so fun we still can’t peel the F’ing smiles of our faces. This event was created by a … Continued