Grenada to Bonaire – Part 2

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It’s the destination stupid…

Making a passage no matter how small is always a thrill. You plan for weeks, you think about the route, the weather, the boat, the crew and on and on. In fact I was so immersed in the planning of this trip I completely lost track of what we would do when we got there. It seemed like that was so far away and then suddenly it’s here. After all, we don’t buy these boats to live in “Waterworld” we buy them to anchor and enjoy a destination. So passage making might be a means to an end but it sure takes up the planning RAM in your brain.


Try to say this word out loud. Go ahead. You will need a few tries… Yep. Exactly. That’s how I say it also. I can’t get over it. It makes me laugh out loud. Arriving in a Dutch island is great. Euro flair, Euro culture and of course Euro trash. All good though. This word Dushi is on everything. Dushi shoes, Dushi ice cream, Dushi sunglasses and of course… have a Dushi day. Now I won’t give you the definition just yet and I want you to stay off the Google.

Again I just can’t …(Bone-air)

If you follow our blog and video series you know that I have a problem with pronunciation. In fact I am sure I make certain people’s ears bleed and Bonaire is no exception. See proper pronunciation above. We love this island!! In fact, one of the best yet. Totally different than the Eastern Caribbean. Dry, arid and more like a desert. It’s a big small island (if you have cruised the entire Caribbean you will know what that means) not a small small island. And we toured the entire thing. We are big fans of getting off the boat and seeing the sights. We usually rent a car and drive the whole island with a guidebook. It’s cool because it gives you the overview of the place and more dimension when you are back on the boat and looking at it. The people of Bonaire are as different as the landscape. Think of the Will Smith song….Spanish, Haitian, Indian, Jamaican….Black,White, Cuban or Asian. I am not kidding. This is Bonaire, and Curacao for that matter…. but I’ll save that for another blog.


Yeah I know…..”tell us about the diving” Okay you all have heard of this great island and it isn’t the salt production or palm trees. It’s the diving. Why? It’s the wall. The entire island is a plateau that rises up from the sea floor in a way we haven’t seen before. It’s abrupt. And the diving is from the beach. No boats. Yes that’s right. In Florida you would have to swim out ½ mile to dive and in Bonaire its 100 feet. Yes your wall dive is everywhere and right off the beach. People rent 4-door trucks at the airport and there are hundreds of them lined up. You spend a week on the island with your dive gear in the back. They have about 100 dives as marked but the entire island is a dive and one is no better than the next. They are all incredible! We were in our dive groove as you have seen and it’s becoming an important factor in our cruising and decision making on where to go. We did four dives in two days and it was the best in my life. Keep in mind. We have been diving in some pretty good places. If you never make it to Bonaire by boat no problem. Do a vacation here and dive off the beach. You won’t forget it.

And the answer is Dushi= Sweet

Now click the link below and watch our Dushi boat on this Dushi trip where we had some Dushi dives and some Dushi times.




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  1. Scott

    You guys were hilarious with the donkey. I’ve been to Bonaire several times on week long dive trips. Can’t wait to get there on my own boat. It’s my second favorite dive location so far.

    • happytogether

      Hi Scott,
      Glad you’ve been to Bonaire! We loved it!!! Keep watching!

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