Our Song…by Lennie

As I am sure you have figured out, Randy is the author of all the posts and the director of the videos. My role is copy editor and website manager. However, when it came to the copy for this new page I had to be the one to write it.

The name of our boat always sparks conversation, not because people wonder where it came from (they assume we like the song by the Turtles), but because they often ask “so are you?” Our answer is a resounding “YES!”

We first came up with the name over 18 years ago before buying our first Sea Ray together (see the Previous Vessels page). We were boating in Boca Lake and saw a Sea Ray named Happy Together. We knew at once that was the only name for us so we proceeded to borrow it and use it for every boat we have ever owned. Karma did catch up with us though as at least two of the boats we sold kept the name because they liked it so much! The best part of the name is that it came with a classic theme song that we have played over and over and over again while boating.

Recently, Randy has started putting together and posting the videos of our adventures and he is always searching for good background music. He found the song “Sailing” by the band Leisure Cruise. It is an awesome song with perfect lyrics for our stories and he has made it the beginning theme song on all the videos. The lyrics talk about a couple that is enjoying their life sailing on the open ocean now, not planning to do it in the future when it may be too late. In the chorus, the artist sings “..and to our surprise, we’re sailing the high seas in the middle of the ocean Spinny and me..” Of course, every time we played this on the boat while sailing Randy would change the words to “Lennie and Me”.

On our recent anniversary of 15 years of marriage, Randy surprised me and told me he had contacted the artists of the song and requested if they could record the song and change the lyrics to “Lennie and me”. Although this would sound totally crazy to most people, I never question what my husband is capable of. One of Randy’s many unique qualities is his ability to get what he wants out of people. So after several emails and calls to the band’s manager, they loved our story and we have our new song!

I could tell you this is the most romantic thing Randy has ever done, but it would not be true. Our life is filled with romance and happiness, both on the water and off.

Check out this video from Leah and Dave of Leisure Cruise.