Bogotá Beer and Coffee

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Rush 2112
Okay I have been planning this for years. Not the trip to Bogotá mind you but the use of the song “Train to Bangkok” where it starts with the verse “we just touched down in Bogotá “ yes that was in my head since we decided to stop in Colombia and visit their capital city. My brother had me by four years in age and when he started listening to Rush I was forced to become a fan. This song sticks with you and it is hard to shake even after 40 years. I started singing the verse when we were still in Aruba knowing we would be in Bogotá soon.

Zona T
It is referred to as Zona T because the street layout looks like a T…It’s the city center for Bogotá nightlife and fortunately where our hotel was. It was a big city fun with restaurants, bars and nightlife. The locals were well-dressed and sitting in cafés after work and we could have been in New York or Paris or any other metropolitan city. Oh and they drink beer. That’s it. Just beer. 5 guys sitting, drinking beer. 4 women on girl’s night out…pitcher of beer, middle aged couple…beer. Not a Cosmo or glass of pinot grigio in sight.

Two addictions
We can’t wait to get back to the boat in most cases, which prevents us from doing any other traveling. In Colombia there was a burning desire to visit Bogotá. Maybe it was the show Narcos or maybe it was that we had a friend whose family owns a coffee plantation. Thus the second addiction!

Cherries not beans
I thought coffee was made from coffee plants. It is made from Coffee trees and it is the coffee cherry that starts the process. When you drink a sip you have little idea how this all happens but are thankful that it does. In this episode you will see it all. I was blown away. And if you haven’t studied more than the menu at Starbucks you will be blown away too.

That big colorful sail that goes out front
If you ask anybody to picture a sailboat they always describe the downwind view with the spinnaker flying, why wouldn’t they? It’s like art and they have been photographed and painted the world over. We even had photos of them as art in our house and at my office and I think a spinnaker is on the front of a pack of Newport Lights. Well we finally bought one. Problem was getting it to the boat.

Watch our latest edition of sailing SV Happy Together and see if it made it!


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  1. Susan Farinas

    The coffee plantation was amazing!! I’m wondering why you didn’t bring me back any. ?

    • happytogether

      Hi Susan, I had to order it online! I have it at home. I will bring you some! Randy

  2. Darrin

    Great video. You guys seem to be having such a brilliant time. I love watching your progress, keep them coming.

    • happytogether

      Hi Darrin,

      Thanks. We are glad you liked the video. Many more to come. Thanks for watching!!!! Randy & Lennie

  3. Elaine R

    We are learning so much from you guys! Thank you for sharing!! Love the videos 🙂

    • happytogether

      Hi Elaine, Thanks so much. That is why we make them! Randy

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