Panama Canal – Not right now :(

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We were ready to head to the staging area for the transit today and received a call from our Agent around noon to let us know that we were being bumped from the transit schedule. We happen to be here with the Oyster Rally around the world. This rally has 28 Oyster sailboats that began in Antiqua and are making their way to the Pacific. Everyone told us there was no way we would get through this week because they have preference. Our Agent pulled strings to get us the transit date of today. However, when it came down to it, the Panama Canal Authority could not find enough Canal Advisors for all the boats that were scheduled. Each boat is required to have an Advisor on board through the transit. There were 12 Oysters plus us and one other boat scheduled. Because we were the last ones to book the date they bumped us until tomorrow. We have been told there is “no way” we will not go tomorrow so we are keeping our fingers crossed! The schedule for the locks will be the same as the previous post just beginning tomorrow, March 15.

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  1. jcrew

    Oh no! I recall you were concerned about this happening. Good luck tomorrow!

  2. Paul

    Is it safe to say you have enough wine on board! How long will the entire process take once you start?

    • happytogether

      Hi Paul, We had 4 bottles of Rose that we flew in. We were thinking in advance:) Randy

  3. bj

    Just finished shoveling out from the blizzard thought I missed you guys, Hope tomorrow goes well.

  4. Elaine R

    Oh WOW! Panama Canal!!! That’s Awesome! Rest up for a long day tomorrow! You both be safe!

  5. Adrienne Cone

    I’ve heard this always happens to individual cruising vessels. They get lowest priority. Keep your chin up. You’ll get through.

  6. SailingWindanSea

    Hello HappyTogether

    We been following you some time now. Love your videos and you two have contributed to our own inspiration to buy a catamaran.
    Currently living in San Diego, but in 4 weeks that’s all about to change. We have sold everything that we own and will be making our way to Florida. Once there we will start looking for our own 46 or 48 Leopard.

    Keep the video’s coming and may the winds be in your favor!


    • happytogether

      Hi Sailing wind and sea. So exciting! Cant wait for you to start. We love the Leopard 46 and there are plenty of pre owned boats on the market. So glad you like our videos! Our boat is currently offshore san diego and heading to SF. We will be back in SD for the Baha Rally in October. Maybe we see you then!! Randy

  7. Ken Hollis

    Hey guys, thank you for the videos! I like the fact you are more in my age group. ( I am sure I am older 63) I watch you from out in the Mohave desert in my fifth wheel I stay in when gold mining.( hobby ) my wife is finally retiring ( early ) so I am excited to head out in my new 26 ft rv to discover the USA. Your videos inspire me to make the most of my life. Especially since my friends seem to be Passing left and right. I have survived a liver transplant, 11 months of chemo like treatment, and I had cancer 2 times in past 6 months. So yes,!!!! I am ready, I tried like hell to get my wife to go along with me buying a boat and sailing like you and Lennie. I would just love to sail the Bahamas. Who knows, maybe Jane will change her mind at some point. I will continue watching your adventure on my little iPhone keeping up with you. I plan on starting a you tube channel also. Probably won’t be as fun as yours , but it will mainly be for my kids to follow us as we go. I can imagine it’s not easy to do. BTW I love the fact you have a loving family. That is what life is about. Then you retire and if your really wanting the most of life , ya do something crazy just to fill your body and mind . Just remember there is a guy out in the desert watching your videos. Jane and I admire you guys as a adventurous couple. Thanks Ken Hollis.

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