Friends, Fog and Fireworks Part 2

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Invisible Sur

We motored into the harbor of Morro Bay after 10 hours of passing the most beautiful coastline on earth. We didn’t see so much as a rock! The fog blanketed the coast but the Morro Rock at the entrance to the bay was a welcome natural wonder. They say it is a volcanic plug – whatever that means. Regardless you can’t stop looking at it.

Cape Horn of California

After leaving Morro Bay we had the final leg to go around Point Conception, which is the major cape on the coast that has been talked about by sailors for years as the Cape Horn of California. After rounding it you are officially in southern California. It’s warmer and blonder than the northern coast. We had no worries since we had already traversed the north coast of Columbia, which has some of the roughest conditions on the trade wind route around the world. We approached the cape with caution and we finally caught the wind that pushed us southeast to Santa Barbara.

Saint Barbara

After arriving we were greeted by friends from Florida who rent a house for the summer in Santa Barbara and they picked us up and took us for a whirlwind tour. We ate and drank at some fabulous restaurants and it was a welcome change from our cruise down the coast. After a few days of warm weather and fine food it was time to go. As usual we needed adventure so we checked out an island across the channel called Santa Cruz. It’s the largest of the Channel Islands and it had amazing hiking and one of the largest sea caves in the world – big enough to take a sailboat inside with mast and all. It felt like cruising again after 6 months of “California coasting”.

Droning on and on

Let’s face it. I talk a lot. Some people listen intently and others cut me off. But this time I am talking about my Phantom Three Professional drone. It never gets old and the footage is mesmerizing. I used to forget to fly it. Now I fly it every chance I get. The view of our world has been turned upside down with this technology and I can’t get enough. I keep watching other vlogs to get drone ideas so I can get the shots that create the dramatic scenes. If you have an idea email me with the details. This vlog is for you. Tell us what you want to see.

Also, check out the new Warrior Sailing page on the Site.

Click the link to see our most recent video. The drone didn’t disappoint. Neither did the mishaps, breakdowns and Salsa Dancing ☺

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      Hahahah, Glenn you still own the masthead pic title but I am in training and I will take that belt from you soon! #seaofcortezspring2018

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