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In the blink of an eye

Lennie and I support Warrior Sailing Program. More on that later…..

The organization wanted us to produce a video that shows the “Cruising Lifestyle” from our perspective. That seemed easy. We had 40 videos so all we needed to do was select the clips that we thought best displayed this waterborne adventure. We relived the 2 years on a computer screen! We had a hard time going through each film and deciding what to leave in and what to leave out. It took weeks and then voila. A video. It was 90 minutes long. WTF! I asked them how many minutes they were looking for and they said 5…..FIVE! So back to the cutting room. We finished up the video and brought it with us to the Warrior Sailing Camp in Annapolis in October. It was a hit. They loved it. We thought it was a pretty cool video so we decided to share it on the channel. We hope you forward it to your friends and relatives to show them what this cruising thing is all about!


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    • happytogether

      Hi Josh and Michelle, We are editing 3 videos from the trip and I think you will love them! Thanks for watching! Randy

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