Flag Swag

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I apologize

I completely missed it. I look at our videos and blog and everything Happy Together from the inside out. I don’t see what you see. Time and time again I get asked questions that I have never answered on our channel. You see – normally a logo speaks for itself and in this case it does have an HT so most people guessed it was for Happy Together – but some ask if we are Tennessee Vol’s fans. Finally a fan sent me an email and said “what’s the story with the logo!” I couldn’t believe I had never discussed it because it has been around so long and we see it every day. It’s on our cars, Golf Cart, Scooter and half the sh*t we wear!  I think Lennie is working on an underwear line as well. She has found a way to put that logo on a lot of things. Shirts, hats, visors, jackets, coasters, Koozies, Glasses, bottle openers, napkins, door matts and decorator checkbook covers. She even gave the nieces and nephews Visa gift cards with the logo on the front for Christmas. Yes that logo is burned into the fabric of our beings. I even see it at night when I close my eyes.

Well enough about the logo. Watch the explanation here in this short video.

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