Whispering Angel Rose’

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Boating is all about fun. A lot of the time the fun includes alcoholic beverages. I think sailing attracts a certain percentage of enthusiasts for this reason alone. At least we joke that it does. We always enjoy a bottle of Rose’ at sundown however when you travel far and wide you often run out. This has been a theme in our two years cruising the Caribbean. We search for the perfect beach, anchorage and dive spot but its surprising how often we are in search of Whispering Angel RoseJ You see, it’s easy to get in the French islands but a struggle everywhere else. If we had a monohull we would stock up, but cats hate being over weighted. So you see our quandary…..

This video is a short compilation of our Caribbean travels and even I was surprised how many times we made reference to the Whispering Angel 



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