A Sail in the Mail!

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An Island in Greece

SV Delos has been an inspiration for Lennie and I. We found their channel before we even placed the order for our Leopard 48. We knew we wanted to travel by boat and we were preparing to upgrade and take more time off but these guys really inspired us with their unique, unmatched videos of enjoying life and exploring on the water. They also show…..it ain’t easy! We immediately signed on as Patreons so we could pay for each video we see and help them continue their journey. Their cruising fund had run out and their Patreons were the way they could keep going. We anticipate each video they release and watch them on Sunday nights with a bottle of wine. Imagine our surprise when we received a package in the mail with a signed memento from them. This was our best gift yet!

Check out this short video.

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