How we built our Leopard 48

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Where is the LE package?

When you buy a car it’s easy. Each model has about three packages. LE for Luxury S for Sport and Deluxe for? You pick the one that suits your lifestyle and budget and make ONE decision.  With boats not so much. Literally. They build you a fiberglass hull and you decide what goes in it. Engines, generator, electronics, and right down to mirrors and tooth brush holders. Note: Our boat was built in South Africa and they must have very skinny toothbrushes! When making the selections on our boat,  the factory and aftermarket options added 58% to the “base cost” of the boat. Staggering I know but you buy a cat for comfort right….and you add all the comfortable features because that is why you bought a cat right….and so on…

Oh and don’t forget….on cars the “Deluxe” model actually means stripped.

Please enjoy our video that describes the options used to outfit our Leopard. The sound was not working correctly so our apologies on that.

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  1. Manson & Cindy

    …and I thought I was a gear junkie!

    When does your L50 arrive?

    Hope all’s well for you guys!


    • happytogether

      Hi Manson and Cindy! All is good hear. I hope you have an exciting summer planned!
      50 comes in January!


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