Meet our new yacht! Leopard 50

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Come on…you could have guessed

When Leopard finally introduced the replacement model for the wildly successful Leopard 48, many people asked if we were going to buy one. Why would we? The 48 is great and it’s all a couple needs. Of course they say that about IPhones and cars as well but when a significantly new model arrives everyone has an urge to upgrade. For us the decision was not about more space but more function. We plan on sailing this yacht far and wide, look forward to another round of outfitting, and like the fact that our model will be the performance version and have a dedicated utility room. The utility room deletes the 4th stateroom but we are doing it (don’t tell our kids) as it’s the one thing we would like to have on our current boat. I know it sounds crazy. Utility room causes entire boat purchase…

Of course they did

 Leopard doesn’t “give” us boats. We pay for them just like all the other customers. Of course they appreciate and know we are helping the brand but these boats are so good they will sell them all on a waiting list with or without SV Happy Together. What they did do was show us early sketches and get our input. If fact, we knew about this boat a year before it was announced and we may be the reason they offer the utility room layout. We appreciate them letting us be one of the first to contract a 50. They even offered us hull number #1 but it was the L version and we really wanted the P version so it wasn’t to be. Our relationship with Leopard is nothing more than a happy customer and a fine manufacturer.

Please enjoy the reveal video of Lennie and I seeing the 50 for the first time.

8 Responses

  1. Ben and Nancy

    Great video and the Miami show was wonderful.
    See you guys soon.

  2. Frank S.

    Congratulations, This is so cool. I just started learning to sail and got goosebumps. I am a disabled veteran who went through the Warrior Sailing Program and would like to thank you and for your passion. Hope to share a dock with you in the future.

    • happytogether

      Hi Frank,
      Thanks so much! SO glad you could participate in the program. I hope you continue to enjoy more waterborne activities!!!

  3. Wright Turner

    Hi Randy,
    Is your current boat for sale? Seems like a perfect boat for our family!

    • happytogether

      Hi Wright, It’s not for sale yet but we are getting close. We just sailed from Mexico to Costa Rica and we will have it in Panama by September and back in Fort Lauderdale by October. Where do you live? Where would you want it? Send me an email

  4. Lance van Merlin

    i am GLAD i found YOU***!!! YOU teach me sooo Much !!! And the UTILITY room is a MU$T <
    As a 'future OWNER' of a LEOPARD 'CAT' i appreciate the LE$$ON$….<

    Lance van Merlin

    • happytogether

      Hi Lance, Wow glad you are getting value out of our show!!! Thanks for the shout out!

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