The Many Sides of Mexico

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Mexico Is Big

The title of this video was easy. There is so much to see and do in Mexico you could spend a lifetime exploring it. To some, Mexico means Cancun or Cozumel, tequila shots and don’t drink the water. For us, having sailed the entire Pacific coastline -which is a whopping 2250 nautical miles – we earned a new respect for this beautiful and diverse country and people. The headlines tell a different story of course but we found Mexico to be peaceful and welcoming wherever we went. Mexico reminded us of the United States in terms of size and variety. There is a lot of coastline and interior and it goes from snowy mountains to volcanoes and tropical beaches. The deserts to the north have sunsets and sunrise beyond compare and Mexico City twinkles like New York.

Montezuma was yesterday

As usual, I read a ton on the history of Mexico, which gives us a broader view when visiting. We flew through Mexico City 7 times as we crisscrossed the country from north to south and east to west. Although I can’t begin to properly document what we have seen, we did get immersed in the place. Now I understand why so many Americans relocate and retire there. We were anxious to see the city where Montezuma lived and where the Spanish conquest took place. However, it was only 500 years ago. Comparatively, when we visited the pyramids north of the city that were built 2000 years earlier, it gave a different perspective on the entire region. Mexico’s history blows the US away in terms of early civilization.

Jump Around

This video takes us to several areas by air and boat. We visit the modern part of Mexico City along with historic areas and north to the city Teotihuacán where the pyramids were built. We visit a small Indian village and walk a seaside malecon in Puerto Vallarta. We surf the waves in the swanky resort at Punta Mita and walk the streets of the small fishing village of La Cruz. Lennie and I are out of Mexico already but Mexico is not out of us.

Please enjoy the video and get a glimpse of Central Mexico

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  1. Andreas Haenel

    Best video of your journey, congrats! Lot of work, great result – and very funny!

    • happytogether

      Hello Andreas, Thanks so much for watching and we appreciate your comment!

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