Cruising the Happiest Coast in Mexico

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Alone again….naturally

We took off from Barra Navidad and headed for Manzanillo where the famous Las Hadas resort had its day in the sun (so to speak) for the movie “10”. The overnight sail (motor) was great as usual and our skill level keeps improving. We cruised by three or four anchorages before reaching Las Hadas and of course it was a ghost town. Now it was still mid June and Hurricane season hadn’t even started yet. Where were all the cruisers? Lennie and I are used to privacy, and hey…its probably part of the reason we cruise by boat but this was getting ridiculous!

Always be in the right ocean at the right time

More accurate words were never spoken. Professional seafarers and experienced cruisers alike know that the best way to handle heavy weather is to avoid it. I mean totally avoid being in a situation where you might get hammered. The only place that this really can’t be done while cruising the earth’s “belt” is the Indian Ocean. It’s just too big and you will eventually get clobbered. Everywhere else it’s about timing. Remember, there is no honor in roughing it. The ocean can destroy any vessel with the right storm.

Everybody knows it’s June 15th

When I moved to Florida 35 years ago hurricane season started June 15th. Apparently that changed and a quick Google search revealed it is actually June 1st. No biggie we thought. What’s 15 days between sailors? Then, when sailing the southern coast of Mexico and not seeing a soul I did another Google search. The Pacific hurricane season starts a month earlier. WTF. We are in the wrong ocean at the wrong time!!!!!!! Also, there was a depression May 10th. A named storm June 6, and a hurricane June 15th……The season started before the season started. Hmmm. I thought that was strange. We need to get out of here!

Please enjoy this next episode of us GETTING SOUTH to avoid the tropical season in Pacific Mexico.

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