Our Ten Favorite things about Mexico

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Top 10 lists are awesome

 A few years ago, I read a blog called “how to write a sailboat blog”. The first lesson was (and the author was screaming in caps) “Don’t ever do a top 10 list”. Never. Cliché, Stupid, Juvenile and other expletives.

So, we were sailing out of Mexico when……

Lennie and I started discussing our 8 months and 75 days in the country. We talked about the weather, wind or lack thereof, food, whales and on and on. We thought we would share this info with our followers so anyone in our footsteps could get a leg up. We took a sheet of paper and started writing. Numbers were inserted before each paragraph. We worked for a couple of hours and then we were done. Satisfied we had a Rose and counted our paragraphs……10 ………….WTF

Please enjoy our “Top 10 Things we love about Mexico list!

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