Miraflores Lock

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We are inside the Miraflores lock now and the water is coming in. We should be in view of the camera shortly.

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  1. Barry buchner

    Awesome. I’ve been watching you guys for a long time. We are currently I’m Pensacola behind Hurricane Michael on the way south to the Keyes and Bahamas. Been following you and Lennie for a while. You guys are our hero’s although, we are on a power boat

    • happytogether

      HI Barry, Thanks so much for your comment!! First of all. Check out http://WWW.happytogether.com and click the link called Previous Vessels. We owned 12 power boats before we switched to sail. We love power boats and will spend three days at the fort lauderdale boat show next weekend! So glad you are enjoying our show. Makes our day! Enjoy your cruise!! Randy

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