Annapolis Sailboat Show

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Salty, Crusty, Old

And that is what makes this town so great! There is nothing like Annapolis for hosting a sailboat show just like there is nothing like Miami for hosting a powerboat show. The recent change in Annapolis is the amount of catamarans in the show. I think I heard it’s up to 40% of all boats on display. As much as we like cats, one of our favorite things to do is check out the monohulls like Oyster, Hylas and Passport. Then we look at race boats and day boats etc. If you are into boats like Lennie and I are there are no bad ones just different ones and we love them all.

Leopard Booth

It was great to spend time at the booth meeting current owners and hopeful shoppers. I love to hear everyone’s story. What brought them into this idea of traveling by sailboat. The stories all start different but end with a thirst for adventure. Well one thing is right. If they take off in a sailboat they will get plenty of adventure.

Here is a short clip of our time at the show. If you haven’t been to Annapolis yet maybe this will stoke the fire that gets you there. And then who knows………

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  1. Marvin "Guy" and Marie Royal

    It was a pleasure meeting the two of you at the Annapolis Show. We’ve been watching your You Tube channel since the beginning and love the videos. You guys were as sincere and personable in person as you appear on the video, such wonderful people. Please keep up the great work as we work towards following in your footsteps in 3 years.
    All The Best!
    Marie & Guy
    Miami Native, now in Philadelphia

    • happytogether

      Hi Guy and Marie!
      Thanks so much for your kind words!!! We love to meet people that are enjoying the show and hearing how you feel motivates us to continue the work. Happy Together is sold now and we are headed to Capetown for splashing the next HT. Lots of videos in the works. See you at the next show! Randy & Lennie

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