Exploring Costa Rica Rain or Shine

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Que baldazo

After touring the Volcano is was time once again to move Happy Together southeast toward the Panama Canal. It was very exciting to get so close to where we ended our last leg of the Caribbean. We had 250 more miles of Costa Rica to pass and we made the most of it. Rainy season in Central America is real. It rained so hard you had to see it to believe it. We live in Florida, which I thought was home to some large raindrops, but Costa Rica has it beat. The interesting thing is that rain is not the end of anything. They do everything in the rain. The rain is joy for them as it nurtures every living thing. Our guide at the Volcano told us they have a saying for heavy rain and she was excited to share it with us “que baldazo” translated means coming down in buckets Yeah, I said….we have that saying too.


As you get deeper into Central America the tides get very large. I mean Lennie and I had never in all our miles seen anything like it.  We are used to Florida and the Caribbean where you don’t really think much about tides. I didn’t even use my tide app until I was in Central America.  Once you hit the 10 to 13 foot tides you get a strange sensation. First you have to be careful where you anchor and how deep the water is since a lot of it will go away. The other thing is the view. If you go to bed at high tide and wake up at low tide it looks like a whole different anchorage. The shoreline is different and your perspective is different. In one anchorage It was so dramatic that I am sure Deborah Harry was on a boat in that cove when she wrote that famous song.

Please enjoy episode 58 and see our final tour in Costa Rica.


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  1. Manson Boze


    Just got caught up on your videos. OMG! I had no idea… Master Fish Hunter??? Next time we get together I want your autograph!!!

    Great seeing you guys last week. We are off to Biscayne Bay on Saturday and Bimini on Sunday. Maybe we’ll see you at the Miami show. Meanwhile Happy Holidays!!! and enjoy your trip to SA.


    • happytogether

      Hi Manson, It was so great to see you! See you in Miami and hi to Cindy!

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