Reflecting on 50 Episodes

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It occurred to me after we launched the 50th episode that this was a milestone. Or 50 of them as it were. We just kept traveling and our journey took us far and wide and over 12,000 miles in 3 years and 36 trips. Yeah that’s right. We spent 42 weeks on the boat in total over that time and we finally realized we had something special. The videos and YouTube channel were just a hobby. It was my quiet time to stop thinking about work. One day after my first video launched there were a ton of views and I realized that if people were watching our videos I better make the best, most honest content I can to show what this lifestyle is about – both good and bad. Well…not much bad other than occasionally the weather. We kept editing for quality and sound and made sure each adventure told a story and we never cut out reality. Our show is our life on the boat so you don’t have to wonder what happens when the cameras aren’t rolling.

Please enjoy this video that outlines some of the questions people ask and to reveal a bit more of our story and who we are.

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  1. Bud Hart


    to bad you your new 50 footer was not here for the 50th that would of been off the chart.

  2. Capt David Avayou

    Hello from David and Sandy, we met you both at the Annapolis Boat Show. We bought our Leopard 50 (SV CERTIFIABLE) through the Moorings program. This our is 3rd Leopard Cat with Sunsail and Moorings. We started with the 38, then the 44 and now the 50. We just got back from 10 days in the BVI. You are going to love this boat. She sails to windward really well, as high as 45 to 43 degrees to apparent wind. My 44 couldn’t sail above 50 degrees. She handles larger seas like a dream and can tack easily using the auto tack function on the auto pilot. Our 44 would always get locked in irons, we had to the helm hard over each time we tacked. We plan to take her out of charter next year and just sail the Caribbean. Probably follow your example. Thanks for all your videos, we love them. We feel like we know you two personally from watching and enjoying those videos. Thanks again.

    • happytogether

      Hello Davis and Sandy! Thanks so much for saying hello and we remember meeting you at the show. Thanks for the update on the 50. We are going to sail ours in Capetown in February and we are very excited about it. Our 48 sails so well I was nervous on how the 50 would handle. So glad to hear your thoughts on that. Congrats on going cruising. We really appreciate your comments on our channel! So glad you are getting value out of it. Maybe we will meet in the Caribbean or The Miami show….Randy

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