Crossing our wake in Panama

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Curtain Call

12,000 Nautical Miles had passed since we left Florida over three years before.  Arriving back in Panama was nearing the end of our journey and our time on Happy Together. As we look back now on our video series we are reminded of the wonderful experiences and places visited.  The boat has some age on her and so do Lennie and I. Thinking about leaving Fort Lauderdale and heading south with no real plan and being able to look back now and take it all in is really surreal. Like in a “did we really do this” sort of way.  As you read this post and watch the video Happy Together has already been delivered to Florida and her new owners have already sailed away.  Off to create their own amazing adventure.

The Catamaran Phenomenon

The Catamaran thing was really getting into high gear when Lennie and I started our cruise and now it seems anyone with a few bucks and a time window is willing to jump aboard and do it. Probably the greatest contribution to sailing since the furling jib is the Catamaran thing. Think about it. Usually you had to grow up sailing to become a sailor. Now you place an order for a Cat and pack your family aboard – in many cases with limited experience – and you take off and learn as you go. Families just didn’t do that until big comfy Cats with all the conveniences of home came around. Most of these “sailors to be” end up with an adventure of a lifetime and sharing stories with them is really fun.  I can’t think of anything like it on land. I, on the other hand started sailing at 13 dressed in ski clothes with buckets of 58-degree water being thrown in my face. Try describing that to your spouse and getting her excited about it. Nope….the Cat thing is here to stay and Lennie and I can’t wait for our next ride. Yep she will be called Happy Together.



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