Sea Life in Central America

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Van Halen again……

Flying into Costa Rica for the last time was surreal. We have toured this country north to south and spent about two weeks in total, so leaving was the beginning of the end of our journey. Heading back to Panama would be the completion of crossing our wake, or tying the knot for you landlubbers out there. You see, we left Florida in August of 2015 and headed to the Bahamas and then Turks and Caicos followed by Dominican Republic and then all of the Caribbean. After heading west and touring Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao (called the ABC Islands) we arrived in Colombia and then on to Panama to go through the Canal which was a bucket list item for sure. After the transit we considered our options. Sail the boat north to San Francisco, California – a mere 3300 nautical miles and then back…, better idea……sail to the South Pacific! We are so close…but….not ready yet…, even better…..have a captain sail the boat up to San Francisco and we will sail it back! Down wind and waves…..easier way and we don’t have to see the same places twice! Jackpot. In Panama we hired Captain Richard and he met us in San Francisco where we spent a leisurely 18 months part time sailing back to Panama. And now here we are almost to the place we left. …..”Jump Back!..what’s that sound….full blast and the top down…”

Thanks Sea World

They say the sea life in the Sea of Cortez is the best in the world and we would have agreed after spending so much time there – until our trip from Costa Rica to Panama. I mean there was so much sea life I felt like I had to steer the boat around it. We saw thousands of dolphin, hundreds of whales and so many fish jumping that we had to stop fishing. I know it’s a remote area but geez! I guess the whale population is growing since Sea World promised to never capture another whale. Or they are all here still hiding from them!

Please enjoy this next episode of our adventure and if you ever find yourself on a remote island in Panama….. bring some sardines….but don’t ask them to jump for it.


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