Performance Sailing on our new Leopard 50

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Are we allowed to touch it?

When we arrived in Cape Town we knew we would see our new boat, but we were also thinking it would be nice to sail on it. We wouldn’t be closing on it until it reached Florida, so this was more of a “look”. Then we heard there was a chance to sail with the architect who designed it. Now that would be something. Of course, we didn’t want to get our hopes up since the Florida office told us this would probably not happen.  When we arrived, they showed us the boat and the architect texted us and said, “let’s go sailing tomorrow”. It was happening! We were so grateful and a bit surprised. After the reveal they even allowed us access to the boat while we were in Cape Town.

Prepare to launch……

The initial sail was what Alex Simonis, the architect, called a “test sail”. He said we would go out and raise the sails and make sure everything was in good order for the “performance sail” which would happen a few days later.  After that first sail we were asked to take the boat out the next day for a photo shoot with a Leopard deliver Skipper. We had great weather and great wind and we sailed the boat for about 5 hours. This was getting ridiculous. We were in a hotel with our soon to be new boat in the marina behind it and we had the keys and were sailing everyday. Cape Town touring would have to wait. Finally, on day three, Alex arrived with a friend and the wind forecast was for 30+ knots. We had a helicopter standing by for aerial shots and all systems were go. Lennie and I were actually a bit nervous for the “performance sail”. Alex said it was probably a good thing as we were headed south for the Cape. As you will see, when we got out there the winds and waves delivered a raucous sail that we will never forget. Yes, we broke some stuff but you can’t blame anyone. We were sailing 11 knots upwind into a southern ocean swell and covered 65 nautical miles of intense action…….the folks in Fort Lauderdale will not believe this.

I can’t wait for you to see this next video in our series and all the great sailing action. After all this is supposed to be a sailing channel isn’t it?

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  1. Tony Salomon

    Congratulations Lenny & Randy!
    I Love the new 50, and I’m looking forward to see the interior.
    Peace, enjoy and safe sailing.

    • happytogether

      Hi Tony! Thanks! I still have a picture of you with us at Range Rover. That was you right…..

  2. Jeff Falk

    Good luck guys! Your videos have been inspiring and so pleasurable to watch! Cant wait to see whats next!

  3. Kurt. Chamberlin

    Sooo excited for your new adventure. You guys truly look happy together on Happy Together. Congrats and can’t wait for the videos to start, love the 50.

    • happytogether

      Hi Kurt, Thanks so much. We are so excited. Closing tomorrow and then the outfitting begins! Randy

  4. Vincent

    Excellent really enjoyed that, great to see the joy on your faces.

    Travel well

    • happytogether

      Hi Vincent, Thanks so much. We were so happy to take her sailing after all the waiting!!! Randy

  5. Perla Graglia

    Felicitaciones por su nuevo catamaran. Me encantan sus videos. Que disfruten mucho son una hermosa pareja. Cariños Perla Graglia. Panamá.

  6. Floyd Bright

    Adding my congratulations to you, Lenny and Randy. That is a fabulous looking boat. I know you two will spend some quality time and make many wonderful memories. When will it arrive in FL, and how much aftermarket work will need to be done?

    • happytogether

      Hi Floyd, She arrived 4 weeks ago and we are doing a TON of aftermarket stuff. Will document it all with video. So glad you are enjoying our show!

  7. Spirit of Play

    I’m looking at purchasing a 50ft catamaran and am currently comparing the Leopard 50ft and Sunreef 50ft.

    How would you rate your new 50ft?

    • happytogether

      HI Spirit of Play,
      We love the boat. Engineering is good and sails very well. Check the weight of the Sunreef (beautiful) against the sail area and compare the leopard and the sunreef. That could give you an indication of Sail performance. Thanks for watching! Randy

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