The Big Reveal of our Leopard 50

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Waiting is the hardest part

Arriving in Cape Town was about the most exciting thing Lennie and I had ever done. Not just to see the city, of course, but to get a look at the boat that would soon be the new Happy Together. We signed our contract two years earlier, and of course we knew a new design was coming long before that. In other words, this was a long wait for what we be our next “dream” cruising catamaran.

The red carpet

We knew that the Leopard South Africa office was aware of our visit, but we didn’t know what they had planned.  They have either watched our video series or they treat all Leopard buyers like royalty. We are still not sure.  Once we arrived, they asked us to attend a “reveal” of the yacht with film crew in tow. Yes, that is right. Film crew. When you watch this video, you will notice that I am not holding the camera or placing it in different static locations.  We had the luxury of being able to walk around and explore this amazing catamaran with two hands! Lights, Camera, Action.

Beauty is only skin deep

After the initial look at the boat, they handed us the keys and told us we were welcome to spend as much time on her as we like. We were staying in a hotel next to the boat so that was convenient. Each day we explored her bilges and all her systems, and we even got to take her sailing not once but three times! But that is a story for another day…….

Please enjoy this video of us laying eyes on the new Happy Together in Cape Town!


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