Shakedown Cruise to Paradise

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Even Better

When you take the time to order a boat, wait for your ship to come in, and then undertake the painstaking task of outfitting her, you get lost in a dream of what it will be like when it’s all done. You’ve dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s and taken your first cruise to your tropical dream location, followed by a sundowner at the end of the day. You sit and contemplate your life. The years and decisions you made, the good times and bad and everything in between that brought you to this place.  Does it actually live up to what you had imagined?

So close and yet so far

I am lucky. Not just because I have Lennie as my wife but because we live in South Florida and the Bahamas are our neighbors. A lot of people don’t realize the proximity in real terms. When you watch this video and see us land on the north shore of Bimini, think about the fact that we are only 56 miles from our own front door. The water, the beaches the culture and conch and it’s right there. You need a boat or plane of course to make those miles and that is the separation that gives the Bahamas their tropical allure.

User Error

This trip was nerve-wracking because we had this new boat with all this new stuff, all assembled by humans, and we knew things were going to go wrong. Each day we confronted some difficulty by yelling from one side of the boat to the other at each other “the sink doesn’t work” or “there’s no electricity to the XXX” or “it’s making a noise I have never heard before”. At the end of the trip all those little questions were sorted out after getting a better understanding on how it all worked – and in each and every instance it wasn’t broken, it was us. Of course, on the last day the door handle to the slider broke and we had to take it apart and bring it back to Florida for repair. That’s it! A door handle! Pretty good shakedown cruise I would say

Please enjoy this next episode of sailing SV Happy Together. This is classic HT style and you will watch us get “back out there”.

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    • happytogether

      Hi Manson,

      We just sailed the boat from Abacos to Nassau to get her in the Atlantis Marina for the storm! Randy

      • Manson Boze

        Good plan. I’ll be rooting for Dorian to stay north!

        You guys still planning to participate in the ARC across the Pacific next spring?


        • happytogether

          Hi Manson, Looks like its heading north today or tomorrow hopefully out to see!!! No we cancelled our Arc plans for January when the boat was delayed. Heading back to the Caribbean. Randy

          • Manson Boze

            Roger that. Let me know if you need crew for your passage to the Caribbean (or any of the legs). Best, Manson

  1. Andy Temesvary

    Hi guys! I’m sure it feels FANTASTIC to be out there again and now on your beautiful L50….Happy Together better than ever! Love the options and outfitting you did. She’s truly set up for global cruising and I know you’ll get back on schedule to do just that! Enjoy every minute, sharing this next chapter of life with each other. Life is short baby….live it Happy Together ???. All the best, ~Andy

    • happytogether

      Hi Andy,
      yes its doing great and all systems are go!!! We have some great videos in the works and we couldn’t be happier with the boat. Thanks for your comment! Randy

  2. Joseph LaRocca

    I am new to your Vlog… Why did you change from your 48 foot to this 50 foot model?
    I will watch them all mutable times … i am sure… Cuz you folks are my heros… with the BEST attitudes.

    • happytogether

      Hi Joseph, We changed for no good reason. We loved our 48. With that said the design is 7 years newer and the boat has some new technology and we really like buying boats and outfitting them. Its our hobby. Thanks for watching. Randy

  3. Jacqueline rodriguez

    So happy for you both! The boat is absolutely beautiful! Loved the new video and we feel the same way. Very lucky! I had asked you a few questions about a Leopard 48 we were buying but the sale never went through due to some engine issues but we bought a Lagoon 450 F instead. Please don’t hold it against us! lol. It’s crazy but we bought it a week before my husband had to have rotator cuff surgery and we’ve been installing solar panels, inverters and all kind of things and getting it ready for our own shakedown cruise hopefully at the end of September when he’s better. We wish you guys all the best and maybe we’ll run into you some day whether on the water or in Palm Beach County were we all live. Love all the music in your videos, so much fun!

    • happytogether

      Hi Jacqueline!, Thanks so much for your comment. How exciting and we LOVE LOVE the 450F so you made a good choice. Too bad about the delay but health is health and maybe its forcing you to take more time outfitting (okay I am always looking at the bright side) so where will you go on your first trip?? Randy

      • Jacqueline rodriguez

        Hi Randy! Thank you for your reply. Our first trip will most definitely be to our home in South Bimini. If you guys are ever in the area please look us up to get together. We are on the old Beach Club street and is a pink house named “Priceless Paradise” Our porch faces the concrete ship and boats usually anchor right there. After that is pretty much island hopping through the Bahamas until we get to the Caribbean. Pretty much the thorny passage!

        Is s/v Happy Together still in Nassau? What are you doing for the storm? I have my fingers crossed for the Bermuda High to move so it could go out to sea more. Best of luck to you and Lenny and Happy Together!

        • happytogether

          Hi Jaqueline, That sounds great! We just sailed our boat from Abacos to Atlantis Marina and we were sure we didn’t want to ride out the storm in the Abacos. We are staying positive for now and preparing for a storm both on the boat and at home/business. Awesome that you have a house in South Bimini, We might be there next weekend! Randy

          • Jacqueline rodriguez

            Hi Randy, Woke up to a more favorable hurricane track for all of us! Extremely thankful for that. What a difference a day makes! Spent all day yesterday stripping down our boat.

            It doesn’t look like we will be in Bimini for a few more weeks but I’ll keep you posted when we do. I wish I was going there this weekend though and we could have gotten together It’s been 4 months since we’ve been there due to my husband’s surgery and I miss it soo much. You guys stay safe!

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