A “Current” Affair in the Bahamas

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H2O + NaCI

Lennie and I love the water. I think most sailors do and that is why we spend so much time getting our boats ready to cruise in exotic locations. It’s all about jumping in the warm salt water and all of its healing powers. Just like there are beach people (not us, we live next to a beach for 10 years and have never laid on it) we are water people. The Bahamas may be the best place for those of us, as the temperature is 88 degrees above and below the surface in summer and we just can’t get enough of it. I jump in at breakfast and again at dinner and of course we scuba dive and swim in between those events. We know one day we will cruise the north east but they better have lots of Rose’ because we ain’t getting in!

Did I say Condo

I know I have been joking on camera about the size and comfort of this new Cat but it’s no joke. We have now spent about 40 nights onboard and we are missing NOTHING from home. From laundry to power and water and just plain square footage and seating. Oh, and don’t forget that custom mattress that I gagged on the price. It’s all part of the pure perfection of the livability of this boat. Even the design of each component and cabinetry is perfect for live aboard use. Let’s face it – we aren’t exactly campers anymore when we go boating and this cat might be the highest form of luxury sailing yet.

Go ahead and count them

When I edited this video, it was easy to come up with a name. We talked about the current constantly and it was not by design. It affected everything we did – swimming, anchoring, diving, entering cuts, sailing and everything in between. The Exumas have a shallow bank on one side 3 miles wide and a deep ocean on the other which makes the currents rip of course but this was crazy and doesn’t exist in the old Caribe’.

Please enjoy this next video of our time in the Bahamas and don’t get carried away 


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