Exploring the Exumas and our new boat!

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Something old and something new

We have cruised these islands before. In fact, many times. Back in 2000, Lennie and I decided to take our power boat to the “islands” for an adventure and we never brought it home. Well almost never. Once we found the Exuma’s deep in the Bahamas we started leaving our boat in Nassau and flying in on weekends and heading down to Highbourne Cay and Norman’s Cay a couple of times per month. We snorkeled and hiked and found secluded beaches and all the fun you could have. The problem was most power boat people need to be in a marina at night, or at least we thought we did, so we would always be looking for a slip and it dictated our days. With sailboats we are free of that and we look for anchorages not docks and it opens your itinerary up a lot for additional exploring and enjoying these islands and waters at night.  You get to see these locations in a whole different way and it didn’t disappoint. When you ask many people who have cruised worldwide what their favorite spot is it’s pretty much always the Exumas!

Getting used to it

All cats are not created equal. A boat is a boat – right? Sails, engines, head. Wrong! A boat is a complex compilation of systems and each one has a learning curve. For instance. Our 48 Leopard had a draft of 4’4” deep. This boat is 5’2”. In navigational terms that is a HUGE difference and I have spent 4 years and 12,000 miles staring at charts and depth sounders and knowing that 5 feet is plenty of water and now I need 6 but my brain still thinks 5. I am hoping this makes sense. The muscle memory on everything is hard to overcome. I even drop my trash on the floor in the bathroom where the bin used to be on our 48. Fortunately, the beer fridge is right in the same spot, so I never ever miss an opportunity to grab a beer.

Please enjoy this next video of us getting used to the new HT and the beautiful scenery of the Exumas.


8 Responses

  1. David Bates

    You guys are awesome! So much fun to follow you.
    Safe Passages. Where were you and the boat during the hurricane?

    • happytogether

      Hi David, The boat is in Atlantis Marina on Paradise Island and we are home and prepared. Thanks and glad you are enjoying our show! Randy

  2. David P. Thoresen

    Hope you guys are safe out there with Hurricane. Post a quick video so we all know your safe.

  3. Mary D. Vance

    Love following you all. Hubby and I have been worried for you and your boat during this bad storm. I pray it all fairs well for you all. We love your show and love vicariously through you both until hubby can retire and we sail away! Thanks for your wonderful support to warrior sailing!! Stay safe

    • happytogether

      Hi Mary, Thanks so much for your comment. Its comments like this that encourage us to keep filming and making videos. You made our day! Randy

  4. Sean Geiger

    Just wanted to make sure you guys are ok with the hurricane. I am sure you are getting bombarded with that question and I didn’t see a post anywhere.

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