Annapolis Happy Hour relocated

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Hello Everyone,

The high tide at the show has flooded the docks and the Show Management has closed the entry. We are still having an informal meet up at the Pussers’ Upperdeck. We will be there by 6:00.

Hope to see you there!

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  1. Andy Temesvary

    That’s one for the memory books! Although I’m not sure that relocating to the upper deck at Pussers’ is bad :-). Have a great time!


    • happytogether

      Hi Andy, It was amazing to see the downtown underwater. We also had a small gathering today at Leopard at 3 pm which had a great turnout. Looking forward to Miami! Randy

  2. Robert Branham

    I hope you two are safe. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the Ocean, but I remember high tide was nothing to mess around with. I’m getting ready to retire soon. Hopefully, I’ll be able to meet both of you one day. I enjoy your youtube videos. My wife and I watch them every week. I love your Leopard 50. It’s my favorite catamaran. Maybe one day, I’ll have one just like it.

    Please have a good time and be safe.

    Your friend R. Branham

    • happytogether

      Hi Robert, Thanks so much and yes the storm flooding was a mess!!! We will be at the Miami show in February so maybe then?

  3. Pierre Richard

    Good morning all Kriss and I (Pierre) feel like 2 idiots missing the relocation of the event last night. Hope to see you guys soon as we are in the process of selling our 2018 Lagoon 450 F while waiting for our 2020 Leopard 50 P. Krisse had question for Lenny about the second washing machine so if you have the explanation of that second laundry option thanks ??

    • happytogether

      Hi Pierre, Thanks and sorry you missed it! We will do it again in Miami! Email Lennie at
      The machines are Splendide Arsiton series separate washer and vented (4″) dryer. She loves them!

  4. Rose Donohoo

    Thank you for inviting us to your Happy Hour and making us feel so very welcomed.
    You are both amazing people.
    It was a Pleasure!

    Doug and Rose

    • happytogether

      Hi Rose,
      Thanks so much!!! We enjoyed meeting you as well. We are so glad you are enjoying our show! Randy

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