Headed back to Florida…or so we thought

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Addicted to zeros and ones

During storm season and I can’t put my phone down. I mean I literally look at the National Hurricane Center website ten times a day. Studying a myriad of yellow and orange X’s and the dreaded red X’s. All before they even put a name or a number on these things.  Yes that is life in the tropics and a lot of people say, “don’t have your boat there during hurricane season”, but for us in Florida you have to remember that there are 10,000 yachts in south Florida alone and we all can’t get them to Grenada or the Chesapeake.

The one good thing…

Storm season gave us a lot of trouble this year on our shakedown in the Bahamas. We changed plans, flights, family trips and our entire itinerary and route. I mean the systems just kept coming or almost coming. We had planned to motor a lot as August in the Bahamas is usually flat like a lake with the trade winds suppressed by high pressure above them. But that also allowed these tropical waves and lows to drift in and with them all the wind comes – and boy did we get to use it. You will see some great sailing in this next video and hey tropical storms aren’t all bad are they?

We named this video before we cut it in two parts so it’s a bit of a cliff hanger but don’t worry the next video will be out soon to show the rest of how our return trip unfolded.

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