Our favorite moments you didn’t see before we left Florida

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My girl likes to party all the time

During the run-up to our passage to the Caribbean we still had a lot on our plate. After dodging storms and shaking the boat down in the Bahamas during the summer we had several other events on deck. It seemed we were running a party service more than getting the boat ready – and Lennie and I love parties so it was all good. First, we wanted to let our followers see the boat before it left Florida, and we raised a lot of money for Warrior Sailing with that event. Then, we wanted to host a Warrior Sailing event on the new boat for Warriors and their families. Of course, we also needed to “Christen” the boat for good luck so there was that too. The marina thought we were crazy because each event had catering, bar tenders, and signs directing people to our slip.  Oh well that is the Happy Together way…..

More than you know

Of course all the events were fun, but hosting the Warriors and their families onboard for a day of sailing off of Fort Lauderdale was inspiring for us in many ways. Each time we attend or host a Warrior Sailing event we are reminded of the amazing commitment and risk these veterans took to protect our country and our way of life. It is easy to read about it or watch a show about it but when you spend time with them and their families it brings it home in a completely different way. We just can’t thank them enough for their service and sacrifice.

Here is a short video of our time before we left…


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  1. Rick Jones

    Randy, Lennie – Sorry to see the YT channel ending but very grateful for all the adventures you have shared. Most fun was sailing with you a couple of years ago on the HaHa. I expect to be sailing BVI with my club on April 9-18. It would be a thrill to see you again. It must be nice there since that’s the area you’ve picked out to cruise for awhile… Fair winds and following seas.

    • happytogether

      Hi Rick, Thanks so much for your comment. The Haha was our favorite!!! We are actually headed to Saint Martin in March (weather permitting) so I don’t think we will be here. You will love the BVI. Glad you enjoyed our channel We will be back in the Pacific. For now we are getting used to Instagram. Randy

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