IT professionals we aren’t…….

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Hi everyone,

It turns out that although we have many subscribers on our blog/website only 400 or so were getting our emails when we posted an update. You may be one of them.

We have identified the problem and are working with the developer to fix it and in the meantime you can check our website and hit the “Posts” tab and look back on anything you have missed. Plus it will make me feel great since I spend so much time on this stuff:)



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  1. Dave Klain

    Thanks for the update. Had subscribed and wondered why I didn’t get any updates (missed the COVID-19 Blues post). Good to know you’re getting it fixed.

    • happytogether

      Hi Dave, I know and thanks so much. More to follow. Check out the video we launched last night…..

  2. Pierre and Kriss

    Hi guys missing hearing from you as we anticipate our Leopard 50 P

    • happytogether

      Hi Pierre and Kriss, You will love it!!!! Nice to hear from you! Randy

  3. Bob & Gail Redenz

    Fantastic news! We’ll be watching. Thanks for keeping us in mind.

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