The COVID-19 Blues

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A post without a video….

Lennie and I were on the boat in January and February for two 9-day trips and we really enjoyed having the boat back in the Caribbean. We had been in cold water for 2 years on the west coast of North America and we were looking forward to spending a year in warm water for diving, and plenty of sailing and Rose’ infused adventures. With the cameras not rolling it’s just us doing what we love with each other. The outpouring of support from our wonderful YouTube followers gave us “permission” to just be us off the grid without the need to share each trip. You know we love the channel and love to teach and entertain, and this last six months without filming and editing has opened up a whole new world for me, with time to invest in other pursuits, and I am enjoying the break. We still plan on filming our trip across the Pacific Ocean whenever that happens as it is hard to plan now.

Well that sure went sideways

After our February trip, Lennie and I headed to Park City for a long weekend of skiing and the world changed. COVID-19 hit Washington State and everyone knew it was coming to them. When we landed in Salt Lake the airport was busy. When we left four days later it was empty. We came home Monday, and by Wednesday the NBA was cancelled and Tom and Rita Hanks were infected and the rest is history. Lennie and I are on the move a lot so sheltering in place was a pain for us but watching the pandemic explode with death and economic chaos was brutal. We didn’t really think about the boat at first because we knew it was safe at Nanny Cay Marina in Tortola. What we didn’t know was that we couldn’t get it out if we wanted to. The government of the BVI closed its borders to travel until Sept. 2nd. September 2nd??? How could they make that call when the US and Europe change their policies daily based on new data. The BVI wasn’t having any of it and said they are closed. Interesting side note – in a cover story the BVI held the top spot for international GDP relying on tourism at 93%. These people will suffer without tourism but we know the government is doing their best to protect the health of their citizens. Now we know the risks of leaving your boat in another country in this strange new world.

Black Ops…..maybe not

Okay so after you realize the world isn’t coming to an end……how do we get our boat back. We started working on this at the end of March. First call to the marina went unanswered. They were closed. Next call to our boat manager, he was at home under lockdown. Who was looking after the boat? Was it tied up correctly? Was the power on? Was the water pump running….all these things started to bother us. Most importantly, our insurance coverage requires the boat to be south of 12.5 degrees (Grenada) by June! The uncertainty of not having answers added to the frustration at home with work and lockdown and everything going on there. We needed to get to the boat one way or another so we started our mission plans. First, we contacted the US Embassy in Barbados and wrote to the ambassador to explain our situation. They explained that there was nothing they could do. Next we reached out to every ministry in the BVI’s government via email and explained our reason for wanting to get the boat out. Several departments wrote us back and understood the problem and said “the government is aware of the situation and will be coming up with a plan for foreign vessels to leave”. We also wrote to some people in the sailing press to keep the pressure up and put a spotlight on the problem in case it went on for months. We searched Facebook and connected to DOZENS of other people in the “same boat” and this network led to more contact with BVI officials. Nanny Cay Marina and B&G Marine Services worked together to come up with a plan and repeatedly met government officials but still nothing moved forward. Now it was time to consider all options. At some point during this two-month time I was speaking with two of my Warrior Sailing contacts who were both Navy Seals and they suggested we fly to St. Thomas and take a small boat and sneak into BVI waters at night and slip the lines on Happy Together and motor her under cover of darkness to the USVI – which is only six miles away. After considering what a good video that would make, I told them it wouldn’t be possible to get a boat in St. Thomas because they were on lockdown also. Then they suggested a HALO jump (high altitude low opening) and to parachute into Nanny Cay at night. They were not kidding when they said they had the contacts to arrange this. At this point I thanked them for their ideas and realized how lucky I am to have Navy Seal friends. May come in handy sometime, but not this time in a sovereign country. We are only talking about getting a freaking boat out, so this is not a “real” problem in the big picture. Finally, the BVI government said any boat could leave provided there was someone already in BVI, who had a US passport, who wanted to leave, and who couldn’t come back until September. Hmmm. Just need to find that person. Believe it or not some people found this. I had one person contact me and they said they would bring the boat out if I paid for a flight to the US, and a hotel for 90 days AND…….paid them $50,000 US. Considering the boat was safe and sound in a great marina I declined that offer. Even when he came back at $15,000. After that another week went by and the BVI government announced a plan that a BVI captain could take the boat out of the marina and motor to West End and clear customs out of BVI and motor to the channel between BVI and USVI and then we could have a small boat take us from St. Thomas to meet the boat for an open water handover. This plan could work! Stay tuned………

Park City before the lockdown


Last meal in a restaurant with the family


Randy’s Staff during COVID


Our Family Office

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  1. Tonya

    Hope your able to get that boat!!!! Is there a link to the playlist on iTunes, I am not able to find it. I just love your taste of music, takes me back to simpler times! Bless the both of you and safe travels.

  2. Nick Barnacott

    Dear Randy and Lenni,

    Thank you for all the YouTube’s and for sharing your experiences and so much advice.

    We have ordered a Leopard 50, delivery March 21, hopefully things will be clearer as to how we will be able to sail by then.

    I am working on what we want on board. If you have time I would really appreciate any advice and also if you could send me your spreadsheet of options and aftermarket works?

    Thank you and hopefully you will have at least got your boat back.

    Keep safe and kind regards,


  3. Kurt Chamberlin

    Hey Randy & Lennie

    Thank you for posting, things seem back to normal hearing from you two. Hope you two are doing well.
    Thank you again…

    • happytogether

      HI Kurt, Yes we have her back. Don’t know if you saw the instagram…… New video with an update coming up!

  4. Norm Gustitis

    Randy & Lennie,

    Thanks for the update! We were wondering how things were going and what your status was with the new boat. I am a pilot for United and my girlfriend is a flight attendant. Our plan was to buy the right boat, base it in the BVI’s, and retire while entertaining friends and family. Even while this pandemic has trashed most business plans, including airlines, I believe that our plan still has merit.

    Keeping the Faith in Houston,

    Norm & Shonda

    • happytogether

      HI Norm, Thank for your comment and I know this virus has wreaked havoc on a lot of peoples plans but yours will still work. There will be plenty of pent up charter demand so if you buy a boat it will earn income until your ready!!! Its a great lifestyle! Randy

  5. Christopher Makris

    Appreciate the post greatly. We also have a boat in the BVI which is currently in the process of phasing out of Moorings charter fleet and are trying to figure out how to move the boat out of the BVI. If and when you find a solution we would be interested in hearing how it moved forward. Also I understand do you have a fabulous maintenance checklist for leopards. We have a leopard 40 and would love to have access to your checklist if you don’t mind sharing. Hope to see you on the high seas!

    Mai Pen Rai L40
    Chris and Jimmy

    • happytogether

      Hi Chris and Jimmy, Thanks for your comment! We got the boat out and launched a video about it last night so check out YouTube for it. You can get your boat out now as 2 companies are approved to bring it out to USVI.
      The maintenance program is called Vessel Vanguard and its an online subscription service that I couldn’t live without! Check it out. Randy

  6. Page

    Dear Randy and Lennie,

    Best wishes on getting boat! First got hooked up to your wonderful videos through Warrior Sailing. Hope some day can actually meet. Till then enjoy keeping up and no worries about video, you deserve this time to take care of yourselves.

    • happytogether

      Hi Page, Of course we remember you. We have you on deck for a sailing event at some point after this craziness. Hope you are well! Randy

  7. Bill Aspinwall

    Returned from Scrub Island March 4th 2020 after two great weeks. Virus in US was coming to fruition quickly. BVI was still in a semi state of repair from the Maria and Irma. Many of the wonderful people there discussed that they had been out of work for up to a year from the Hurricanes destruction. Very tough.
    Stay safe!

    • happytogether

      Hi Bill, Yes they are going to suffer again and for a long time. So sad! Thanks for watching and glad you had a good time before they shut down! Randy

  8. Kevin

    I got so excited this morning when I saw you guys had a new video! We’ve missed you guys!!!! I think the internet would have blew up with a video of you guys doing a HALO jump to rescue Happy Together! LOL!

    We have a charter scheduled with the Moorings out of BVI in July (on the 50 ft cat inspired by you guys!!) When we talked to them a few weeks ago they thought they would open up in June but from the sounds of your update that might not be the case. 🙁

    • happytogether

      Hi Kevin, Thanks so much and I know we should have done the HALO LOL, Sorry about your charter. Maybe they will open but I think they will reschedule you. Keep in touch! Randy

  9. Jerry Nissen

    Hi Lenni and Randy,

    Found your blog today, and I am truly enjoying it! Do hope you successfully maneuver around the crazy Covid… good luck!

    I admire your cool white long sleeve T-shirt……. How do I get one. Yes, of course, happy to contribute a donation.

    Happy sailing….. did so myself when I lived in Grosse Pointe, MI… did all the Great Lakes… such fun.



    • happytogether

      Hi Jerry,
      We are glad you are enjoying our blog and hope you catch some videos as well! The shirts are available through “Ross Marine Ideas” you can google them and order the long sleeve Tec shirts. Joe is the owner. If you want to get a regular mens shirt you can make a donation on the front page of our site that says “donate here” and fill in your info. $25.00 for each shirt. Thanks! Randy

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