The Rescue of Happy Together…and an update!

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Today is the day

This was the famous line that Mel Fisher said every morning when his treasure salvors would leave the harbor in Key West searching for the Atocha (eventually it was, and he picked up $400 million worth of loot). When we got the call on Tuesday night at 6 PM after 90 days of hand wringing, we were told that our boat was “next”, and it would be in the channel between St. John and Tortola at about 10 AM the following morning. What? That didn’t give us much time. We called our boat caretaker and we asked him to make sure everything was shipshape, and the batteries charged, and – oh by the way – why don’t you start the engines and put it in gear just to make sure there are no hurdles before departure.

Two tickets to paradise

I could barely sleep that night as I was so excited for the next day. I had zero stress. It was the opposite of stress. The stress was the unknown of wondering if we wouldn’t see our boat for six months. Now after 90 days we were going to be on her the next morning. In the end, I did sleep, and that is important on an ocean passage or a boat “rescue”. We were wheels up by 7 AM and landed in St. Thomas at 9:15 AM. After having our temperatures taken and a 14-day quarantine recommended (as a precaution but not required) we thanked the officer and headed to Red Hook Bay in a taxi.

American Authors

Lennie calls it “the luck of Randy Smith” but I call it MSH. We arrived in Red Hook and as we walked down the dock – no more than two minutes later – a center console with a mask-wearing BVI teenager shows up and yells our names and says, “hop in”. In ten minutes, we were out in the channel and boarded our beloved catamaran Happy Together. This is part of what this cruising lifestyle is all about – uncertainty and adventure. These are two things Lennie and I live for and you don’t get them on the golf course. We high-fived and stared at each other in disbelief. We had our boat back. Now in the video we were able to use a great song to highlight the moment and you will probably like it. The other choice was the hit song from the band American Authors. I will let you google that one….

Please enjoy this next video which is an update on us and some clips of getting the boat back.

6 Responses

  1. Jeff and Adrienne

    Still think you should have Halo’d in and snatched Happy Together that way. Where’s your sense of adventure man? 😃
    Very glad you got her back! Hope to see you guys soon!

    • happytogether

      Okay Jeff, I really wanted to do that but didnt want to get banned from the BVI forever!!!

  2. Cody Sommer

    Hello, Randy & Lennie

    I want to let you both know that finding your youtube channel a few months ago sealed the deal for my better half and I. We close on a Leopard 51PC at the end of this month and will be keeping it in Palm Beach. I’d love to ask you just a few questions if possible. In several of your videos you offer viewers the opportunity to email you but for the life of me I can’t find your email address. Mine is cls@unetgrp dot com. If your retirement from videos extends to answering emails from newbies I completely understand. I want to thank you for putting all of those videos together. We’ve watched them all at least twice!

    • happytogether

      Hi Cody, Thanks so much for your comment! I just sent you a private email. I am never retiring from talking boats with nice folks!

  3. Julia Cushman

    What an inspiration you two have been for me! I am getting ready to buy my first vessel ever – a 44 Leopard -and sail the world. (Currently sailing in the Channel Islands area.)
    Oh, the adventures to come!

    • happytogether

      Hi Julia, Thanks so much! We loved our time in the Channel Islands and will return one day. Love that you are getting a44 with forward cockpit. You will have an adventure!!!! Randy

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