Happy Together December 2020 update

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Round and Round we go

Lennie and I have been traveling monthly to the boat. After the haul out in Puerto Rico we headed straight back to St. Thomas, and just in time as PR locked down again. So… around St. John we go. For years we were always on the move and one of the most common questions was “why so fast”. We would arrive at an island, drop anchor, rent a car, circle the island, find a beach bar, scuba dive and off we went. To California and back – always in a rush. It’s our style and we like it that way. Now it’s different. We just finished our seventh lap around St. John, we have had over 20 dives and toured each beach and old plantation and hiking trail. We have eaten at every restaurant several times and tried almost everything on the menu. I mean we know this place well. We even joke with friends that we have scuba dove so many times in the same place that we have named the fish! Yes, it’s great to get to know a place. It’s what most people do. As much as we have enjoyed and embraced this island, we are gearing up for our time to leave.

BVI Love?

The BVI is still closed. No, don’t argue with me and say they are open. They opened on December 1st with their BVI Love campaign but with restrictions so tight I don’t see Americans willing or able to abide by them. The proof was in the fact that on New Year’s Eve the bay at Soggy Dollar and Foxy’s was EMPTY. Not a boat. So much for their reopening plan. On December 27th we sailed around the West side of St. John and saw a total of three sails in the entire Sir Francis Drake channel. Guess we can’t go there.

April is crunch time

We can’t do another summer in St. Thomas and risk the storms, so now we have to plan. If we get vaccinated (yes we will take them and be first in line with our arms out once they are available to us) and can prove it we could island hop down to Grenada. That sounds great. If those islands are still not accepting visitors, we could sail north to Bermuda and over to the East coast for fall. We have never sailed that area so it would be great to see it, but then it’s another run back to the Caribbean in winter and maybe the islands will all be open? Eventually we will head west and toward the Pacific again but for now these are hopes and dreams.


Recently we did a Warrior Watch interview with Ben Poucher, the program leader of Warrior Sailing and the link is below. I am sharing this because Ben asked a lot of questions about us and our sailing and history of our boats etc. For some of you this might answer some of your questions so please let us know if you liked it.

We hope you all have a great 2021 and can live your best life!




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  1. Bob & Pam

    Happy New Year, Lennie and Randy! The BVI’s have now announced March 1 as “Opening Day.” And I’m with you, first in line for the vaccine when we can get it!

    • happytogether

      HI Bob, I think their opening will be similar to the last one and no one will go. I am not wearing a tracking bracelet or quarantining for 4 days. I think the vaccine will help but each island nation needs to enact a protocol to accept vaccinated people with no restrictions. The moment they do that we can start cruising again. The vaccinations are coming. Thank goodness! Nice to hear from you hi to Pam for us. Randy

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