The Many Sides of Mexico

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Mexico Is Big The title of this video was easy. There is so much to see and do in Mexico you could spend a lifetime exploring it. To some, Mexico means Cancun or Cozumel, tequila shots and don’t drink the … Continued

The Galapagos of Mexico

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Maybe Jane Goodall? I may have to take the ape tamer to the Galapagos with me.  We will be there in 2020 (the real Galapagos) Lennie is scared of every noise on an island filled with wildlife. It was so … Continued

Voyage of Discovery

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Hasta Luego Cruising does two things. It satisfies your quench for finding a new place and exploring it and then once explored it creates the desire to move on to the next place.  That’s what we felt like after arriving … Continued

A Sail in the Mail!

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An Island in Greece SV Delos has been an inspiration for Lennie and I. We found their channel before we even placed the order for our Leopard 48. We knew we wanted to travel by boat and we were preparing … Continued