You bought my boat?

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Is it me or is this bizarre. My best friend from Childhood comes sailing with us a few times and now he wants to buy a boat in the Caribbean. I think our YouTube channel is infecting normal people with … Continued

How do you say Anguilla?

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After several trips with friends and family around Saint Martin and Saint Barths we were ready for a change. With a fresh crew including 2 of my best friends we set off for this mostly flat and sleepy Island. This … Continued

Haul Out and Haul Ass

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Retired? Nope. Unemployed? Nope. Boat needs maintenance? Yep. Here’s the deal. We don’t let people maintain our boat. We do it. Or at least we supervise it. Problem is every year you need to haul the boat and paint the … Continued

Moms, Maintenance and Mayhem

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Okay sailing is fun. We prove it in our videos. We have demonstrated before the effort that goes into running, managing and maintaining a cruising sailboat, and you will see more of that on this trip. A charmed life…. At … Continued

Happy Together in the media

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We received a call from the marketing department at Leopard because they have been watching our videos and following our trip. After a phone interview they posted this story on their website. We look forward to meeting Katie and the … Continued