Sea Life in Central America

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Van Halen again…… Flying into Costa Rica for the last time was surreal. We have toured this country north to south and spent about two weeks in total, so leaving was the beginning of the end of our journey. Heading … Continued

Annapolis Sailboat Show

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Salty, Crusty, Old And that is what makes this town so great! There is nothing like Annapolis for hosting a sailboat show just like there is nothing like Miami for hosting a powerboat show. The recent change in Annapolis is … Continued

Panama Canal Now!

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Hello Everyone. We are transiting the Panal Canal from the Pacific to the Caribbean today starting around 8:00 a.m. Central Time. You will be able to see us live through the Panama Canal live webcams at each lock. Cut and … Continued

Meet us in Annapolis!

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Hi Everyone! We just returned from Panama and Happy Together is getting ready for another canal transit. We have some special guests coming on that one so be on the lookout for it! Before that we will attend the Annapolis … Continued