America’s Cup and a Crash

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$7800 bucks worth of silver The America’s Cup has been in my blood since I started sailing.  I guess it’s the international competition that excites me. Rooting for my country and all. Now it’s become such a team sport that … Continued

Son of a Sailor

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“We Built this City” – Jefferson Starship Since I was a kid my family was connected to San Francisco. One of my first memories was standing in a building where my Dad, a young General Contractor, was remodeling the entire … Continued

California Here We Come

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Magnitude This California idea was in our head for about a year. We were still in Saint Barths dancing on tables and thinking we would see all the rest of the Caribbean and then go to Panama and then up … Continued

San Blas too fast!

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Goodbye Cartagena If you do the part time cruising thing like we do you sometimes enter and leave a country 2 or 3 times by plane and get pretty familiar with the place. Cartagena was like that. We ended up … Continued

Panama Canal Right Now!

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Well actually tomorrow March 14th but we wanted you to open the post. We are scheduled to begin the transit tomorrow beginning at 3:45 p.m. We will enter the Gatun locks around 5:00 p.m then will anchor in Gatun Lake … Continued

Bogotá Beer and Coffee

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Rush 2112 Okay I have been planning this for years. Not the trip to Bogotá mind you but the use of the song “Train to Bangkok” where it starts with the verse “we just touched down in Bogotá “ yes … Continued