Whispering Angel Rose’

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Sundowners Boating is all about fun. A lot of the time the fun includes alcoholic beverages. I think sailing attracts a certain percentage of enthusiasts for this reason alone. At least we joke that it does. We always enjoy a … Continued

Flag Swag

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I apologize I completely missed it. I look at our videos and blog and everything Happy Together from the inside out. I don’t see what you see. Time and time again I get asked questions that I have never answered … Continued

Baja Ha-ha Leg 2

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Lights cameras action! Filming the Baja Ha-ha was different from most of our adventures. We usually just work for a few weeks and then take a trip and I roll the cameras as the days go on with no plan … Continued

Baja Ha-ha Rally Leg 1

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What….No way! Yep, Not kidding. The Baja Ha-ha was the most fun two weeks Lennie and I have ever had. It was so fun we still can’t peel the F’ing smiles of our faces. This event was created by a … Continued

Intro to Cruising

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In the blink of an eye Lennie and I support Warrior Sailing Program. More on that later….. The organization wanted us to produce a video that shows the “Cruising Lifestyle” from our perspective. That seemed easy. We had 40 videos … Continued