Build Report #9

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The waiting is the hardest part

Deciding to custom build a boat is a huge decision, of course, but we did it anyway. After years of production boats and all the benefits of them (price, resale, engineering, model improvements), we wanted a bespoke yacht that would maximize our enjoyment of the sport with the best equipment, design, sailing systems, materials, and construction. That is what leads us to Build Report #9.

(6:30am) Hurry, get ready, let’s do this…

Each month Kinetic Catamarans sends us a build report which details each section of the boat during construction and what is being done with labor and material. We live in anticipation of these emails and then we promise each other not to look at the build report until we are together (we each get them emailed separately) and NO CHEATING. Usually, it’s morning at home and I have my coffee and Lennie gets her tea and we sit next to each other with my larger computer screen, and we open the report. A brief silence overtakes us both as we look at the pictures of what looks like a military project as it’s all black due to the carbon fiber construction. Sometimes it looks like an amphibious personnel carrier and sometimes a submarine but build report #9 was different because the boat had just finished the initial assembly stage and now it looked…frankly…like a boat. A performance catamaran to be exact. Yes, the year of waiting and decision making was finally taking shape.

All systems go

Since we haven’t been through this process before, each report is new to us and we never know what to expect. Build report #9 revealed that not only had the boat primary assembly been completed but the engines and generator were installed. Not functioning, of course, since there is zero wiring and components let alone fuel tanks and lines but it’s really starting to come together. We study the pictures and sometimes have questions and then we file the report away and sit tight waiting for the next one. Get the Coffee ready…

8 Responses

  1. Brad

    This looks like a very exciting project to be working on. I’ll bet with a custom build, you get a lot of personalization to a degree you wouldn’t with a “Line Produced” catamaran. What is the ETA for them to do a sea trial?

    • happytogether

      HI Brad, The ETA is around January for sea trials but these days who knows!!!!

  2. Leland Crenshaw

    As a 87 year old semi invalid, I can’t wait to enjoy your new boat with you through your videos. Almost like being there with you two.

  3. Roger Davis

    This would make great YouTube content!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Michel

    Lenny and Randy,

    I am very “happy togheter” with you to see your boat project grow!
    You both live my dreams and I cannot wait to see you and your boat the first time doing the first sail.
    Very certain in a long range around you nobody has a comparable boat, and as at my knowledge I have not seen any youtube videos of a similar boat project so far.
    Keep us informed about the steps to come, please! You can be surethat I am sitting here in Switzerland with my own cup of coffee waiting to read (or see) the next part of the story 🙂

    • happytogether

      Hi Michel!!! Thanks so much and we are heading to SA next month to video the boat in the build process! More videos coming,

  5. Tom McDermott

    Lenny , Randy

    Congratulations on the Kinetic choice.. we are looking at this line for 2024 and cannot wait to follow your build out .. ( plus all your inputs and additions). We are hoping to do the same with an E drive system …

    Open invite once in Greece for dinner at our Paros home…
    Wishing you all the best

    Tom and Stella