Gearing up for cruising and our big event

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It is Saint Barths

For years we have cruised thousands of miles, including most of the Caribbean and the west coast of North America from San Francisco to Panama. You could say we are well traveled in the tropics in our hemisphere. Wherever we go we meet with other cruisers and followers of our channel and when we get to talking the subject always comes up. Favorite Place? Favorite Anchorage? Most expect us to say BVI as it’s such a great sailing destination with anchorages seemingly designed by Disney’s imagineering team. Some will think outside the box and suggest the remote Atolls of the San Blas archipelago in Panama where we have enjoyed amazing sunsets and friendly Indians. Others consider the majesty of the volcano hikes of Saba, Statia, St.Kitts, Nevis, Montserrat, Martinique, St, Lucia and Dominica. You can see it is really hard to decide. After much discussion, we let people off the hook and tell them our favorite place is St. Barths and the anchorage of Colombier on the Northern tip of the island. The reasons are many but if you haven’t been there I can explain. It has the most scenic beaches, amazing people (French: think a small suburb of Paris but on an island) the best restaurants, exquisite topography and of course it’s a celeb fest and yacht show. But that is not our draw as this would be our favorite if deserted, however the desserts are pretty amazing so let’s leave it as is. Voila! And yes some people say it’s too glitzy and we get that but you can dress this place up or down and enjoy the place at your discretion. This year, I suggested to my friends and family that if you ever wanted to do something and were putting it off this is the year to do it. So far several of our friends have made the trip and have come back sharing their joy. Another one bites the dust.


In our next video we take the boat from Saint Martin to Saint Barths to get ready for our joint birthday party, We hope you enjoy!


  1. Leland Crenshaw, SR.

    So happy to be sailing together again with you two!