Departure Checklist

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The administration of leaving the boat in foreign ports is easier than you would think. People email me often and ask… Where do you leave it Who looks after it What about hurricane season What does it cost As you … Continued

The Lost Footage

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In my previous post I told the Mona passage story. Now after a high tech CSI-type data recovery we have the footage from that trip and here it is!        

Puerto Rico to BVI

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We stayed in Puerto Del Rey Marina for 2 nights. It was luxurious and a welcome rest from the pounding of the last 7 days. We used the stop to catch up on service before the cruising season of the … Continued

The Mona Passage

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The Mona Passage We flew back to Punta Cana in the DR on Sunday the 21st of December. Chris Parker our weather router said it would be snotty conditions for two weeks and we should consider waiting until early January … Continued

Shakedown Cruise

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The order for our Leopard 48 was placed in August of 2014 with an estimated delivery time of eleven months. It showed up on June 22, 2015 after being put on a container ship in Cape Town, South Africa, delivered … Continued