Norfolk to New York

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Getting the boat to Norfolk, VA was important for insurance reasons, so with that accomplished we took a rest and left Happy Together in Little Creek Marina for a few weeks while we planned our next cruise. For years we … Continued

Northward Bound

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Lennie and I sailed back to Florida from the Bahamas in early June and went to Just Catamarans in Fort Lauderdale for some simple service. Now that the boat was back in Florida (which we never thought it would be) … Continued

Answer the Call!

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We just did this I received a call from my friend Mike Draper, who as you know has sailed with us often (including helping us sail Happy Together back to Florida last month) and he is the owner of our … Continued

Everyone has a 2020 Story

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2020 Geez I guess we had a good run. For many this COVID thing isn’t a problem. Working from home and creating new hobbies etc. For others it’s devastation. Businesses closed, employment unavailable. I have several friends working from home … Continued