Why the Kinetic 54?

We enjoyed the Leopard 48 and 50 for a combined total of 7 years. In that time, we sailed from Fort Lauderdale, Florida through the entire Caribbean, through the Panama Canal, north to San Francisco, California and all the way back! During the COVID years, we took another spin around the Caribbean and sailed up to the Northeast of the US. These were incredible journeys on a fantastic vessels.

After two Leopard Catamarans we determined we were ready to take the leap and order a lightweight, carbon fiber, performance catamaran. We discussed this with our friend Alex Simonis, one of the designers of the Leopards. He and his partner were working with a new manufacturer and designed a luxury performance catamaran that incorporated the forward cockpit layout that we love so much. This is what lead us to the Kinetic brand, which is a small yard in Knysna, South Africa that manufacturers only two of these vessels per year.

We are very excited to begin sailing in the Caribbean winter season of 2023. We anticipate a learning curve on this special design but we are looking forward to the challenge!

Below is a link to the Kinetic 54 website.