Captain Randy

Passage from Antiqua to Florida

I grew up in California in the 70’s – sailing, skiing, motorcycle riding, mountaineering and scuba diving. After several years of racing sailboats in San Francisco Bay our family moved to Florida and soon learned that careers and geography would end our life at full sail. I switched to power boating and spent years cruising the Southeast and the Bahamas. When time would permit, we would charter in the Caribbean to let the kids experience sailing, my true passion. Once the youngest left for college (or actually sooner…..there is a story there) we sold our powerboat and bought a sailboat in the Caribbean and started our extended cruising adventures under sail. We have already seen a lot and have learned that the definition of cruising is “fixing your boat in exotic locations”. After 20,000 nautical miles in our Leopard 48 and Leopard 50 catamarans we are ready for a new adventure in our Kinetic 54 performance catamaran.



First Mate Lennie

Sunset cruise St. John, USVI

As a South Florida native, raised in West Palm Beach, the ocean was always a part of my life. I have fond memories of going to the beach with my family and fishing off my Uncle’s boat in the Keys. I would have never guessed, however, just how much the ocean would become part of my life. After meeting my husband Randy, it became obvious that we were going to spend a lot of time on the water…and I have loved every second of it!

Over the years, we perfected the art of boating in all stages of life…boating with small kids, boating with teenagers, boating alone when they leave for college, boating with adult kids, and now even boating with grandkids! And as you will see in our portfolio of previous vessels, we have done so in many different shapes and sizes.


Happy Together Crew

Test sailing in Knysna, S.A.

The launching of the website represents the beginning of a new stage of boating for us. We are both self-employed and have the flexibility of being away from home for longer periods of time. We have determined that now is the time to cruise further than we ever have (and we have cruised pretty far) and explore as much as we can. We know that it will be fantastic, exhilarating, and sometimes scary and all the better because we will be doing it together. We are just Soul Mates on the amazing adventure of Life!